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Pearls(Cultured Saltwater) South Sea cultured pearls are exceptional quality pearls with a whitish, almost silver color. Much larger than the average pearl, the smoothness and roundness of these pearls are exceptional. These are the most rare and extraordinary pearls you'll find in jewelry.


Tahitian pearls (Cultured Saltwater) are among the most exotic, sought-after pearls on the market today. While very often described as black, their colors cover the full spectrum from dark-black to silver-white, and nearly every color in between, including the most popular green and peacock. The colors of these exotic pearls are completely natural.


Akoya Pearls (Cultured Saltwater Pearls) If you're looking for the classic set of pearls, look to Akoya cultured pearls. The Akoya is the most popular pearl, commonly seen in pearl strands and in earrings.


Cultured Freshwater Pearls Freshwater cultured pearls make an excellent, affordable gift of good quality pearls. These pearls are mostly round, and look very similar to Akoya pearls when worn, but are available for a much lower price.



Moonstone - June BirthstoneMoonstone _ June BirthstoneMoonstone - June BirthstoneMoonstone - June Birthstone



Moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries. The Romans believed moonstone was born from solidified rays of the moon. The Romans and Greeks associated Moonstone with their lunar deity, the goddess Diana.


Moonstone comes in a variety of colors, including blue, grey, white, pink, green and brown.


The only gem that display adularescence, that shimmering of light that plays over the surface of the stone. Moonstones are actually made up of two feldspar species, orthoclase and albite. While moonstone forms in the heat of the earth, the two species are mixed, but as it cools, they separate into stacked layers. Light reflecting off the layers of orthoclase and albite (which have different refractive indexes) creates the phenomenon of adularescence.


When cut en cabochon, moonstones can also display asterism (a star) or chatoyancy (the cat's-eye effect).


A very personal gem stone; Moonstone does not add nor detract, it only shows how it is. Thus Moonstone makes an excellent aid in meditation in the understanding of oneself.


Moonstone brings good fortune;

  1. Enhance intuition and help foretell the future
  2. Brings inspiration and provides protection
  3. All of which promote success in love AND business.


Healers use Moonstone to balance internal hormonal cycles with Nature's natural rhythm.


Moonstone is the semi-precious birthstone of June. It is also the state gem of Florida.


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